Hundreds of Donors Get Together to Share Their Emotion about Expanding Lives

Luzhou District
24 Aug 2019

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Hundreds of Donors Get Together to Share Their Emotion about Expanding Lives
World Marrow Donor Day takes place on every third Saturday in September. Tzu Chi volunteers invite over 160 donors and their families to Jing Si Hall, Lu-zhou, New Taipei City to share their love and emotion to each other. Li-ling LAI, who had donated stem cell 20 years ago, encountered a deadly situation afterwards. This experience firms her faith of saving life more than ever. “It happens about 4 years ago, I had a severe brain hemorrhage, with a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 3 and woke up after 8 days’ coma. My friend told me that I am alive because I have saved another life before. That’s why I will always encourage people don’t be heisted to save lives.”

He-zhou CHEN laughs and claims he’s only 8 years old because he was reborn from a successful transplantation in 2011. “My daughter was about to enter senior high school when I was sick; after a series of treatment, I am able to see her and accompany her through her graduation from the college. I am able to be with my family with a healthy body.”

百位捐髓者聯誼 延續生命的感動

每年九月第三個星期六是「世界骨髓捐贈者日」,慈濟在新北市蘆洲靜思堂邀請一百六十多位捐髓者和家屬聯誼,分享愛與感動。賴俐伶,二十年前捐髓,四年前自己鬼門關前走一回,更堅定助人信念。「大概四年前才發生事情,很嚴重的腦溢血,昏迷指數3,昏迷八天醒過來,朋友就是說,你就是以前真的救過人,捐過骨髓 一命留下來了。所以我真的鼓勵大家,真的,從以前到現在我都抱著一個觀念,可以救人就不要遲疑。」



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